7 Reasons Why You Might Be an Ask-hole

1. do you always ask for advice, yet never take it to heart or act upon it?

2. do you have it all figured out, yet you’re stuck in the muck spinning your tires?

3. after you’ve asked someone a question, do you tend to tune out when it’s being answered? 

4. do you roll your eyes and scoff at the educated replies that come from those around you with more experience and wisdom on the matter?

5. do you ask industry professionals pointless and mundane questions, just for the sake of getting an introduction or in the name of “networking“?

6. do you ask, ask, ask… and then constantly become distracted by your phone, rendering you mentally distant and distracted from the corresponding reply?

7. do you find yourself asking the same question over and over again simply because you don’t like the answer you’re being given and think the answer might change the more you ask it?

if you answered yes, then you might just be an Askhole.

regardless of the industry or circles you run in, kindness, sincerity and respect play a vital role in one’s career development. these positive social behaviours create an open dialogue for potential mentorship to occur with peers who can help and educate you in your industry ambitions.

having personable traits make you a more likeable person and easier to get along with. people will want to be around you, rather than run away. 

these PMA’s (positive mental attitudes, for those unfamiliar with author Napoleon Hill or punk pioneers,Bad Brains) also create a welcoming environment for potential business relationships and partnerships to blossom. 

people prefer doing business with those whom they like and respect.

so if this sounds like you… it’s never too late. take off your selfish blinders and the next interaction you have with someone try this: 

listen. absorb. reflect.
respect the opinion of those from whom you ask it.

don’t be an Askhole.

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