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Blackmagic URSA And Studio Cameras

In 2013 it was Blackmagic Design who stole the shows with the camera announcements, whether they will be announcing more cameras tomorrow I don’t know. I hope not. Why? Because they have 3 cameras out there already and all of them are flawed in basic operation. This needs to be rectified urgently and top of that the Blackmagic 4K has image issues. Again, needs to be fixed. So hopefully tomorrow they will make a big announcement that you will be able to format your cards in the camera and delete clips! 🙂

Well Blackmagic didn’t launch a camera this year at NAB, they launched 2! a monster, the Blackmagic 4k URSA with an interchangeable sensor module for 4k S35 using EF or PL mounts and a broadcast sized sensor module using the (B4) Mount. The 2nd camera being a standalone studio camera unit using a 12.48mm x 7.02mm sensor in 4k and Full HD with an MFT mount.





The Blackmagic URSA 4k S35


The Blackmagic Studio Camera

The URSA is one chunky camera. Looking like something Tony Stark invented and coming in at 16.53lbs.

The specs look very similar to the 4k Production Camera but as the sensor has room to cool they allow the camera to record at 60fps in 1080 mode. Something that the 4k Production camera cannot do. It also has 2 x analog XLRs that are switchable between mic and line levels together with the all important Phantom power support.

What is missing from this camera is a lack of an SSD drive, instead Blackmagic have opted for the new 2.0 compact flash cards (CFast 2.0).


Amazingly its sports a flip out 1920×1200 10” screen and 2 800×480 5” touch screens. Its a beast.upgradeable-670x258


The Blackmagic 4k URSA with an interchangeable sensor module for 4k S35 using EF or PL mounts and a broadcast sized sensor module using the (B4) Mount. Interestingly they also have a HDMI 4K input module to act as a standalone recorder.


Prices at a very well positioned $5,995 for the EF version and $6,495 for the PL version. Shipping is slated for July. The Studio camera comes in at $1,995 for the HD version and $2,995 for the 4k version.

The Studio camera is described as the world’s first 12G-SDI broadcast camera for live Ultra HD production with 10” viewfinder, 12G- SDI, MFT lens mount, support for up to 2160p60, 4 hour battery, talkback, tally and more.studiocamera

Coming soon are 2 more models / versions:

Blackmagic URSA Broadcast
Includes an Ultra HD sensor optimized for broadcast video, combined with a broadcast B4 lens mount and broadcast lens control connection, 12G-SDI plus built in ND filter wheel.

Blackmagic URSA HDMI
Camera body without sensor, features an HDMI 4K input with mounting plate to connect any HDMI camera for URSA quality recording, monitoring, audio and timecode.blackmagic-studio-camera


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    May 29, 2014 at 5:08 AM

    Perfect camera

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