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SICK BOY : An Improvised Short Film Shoot.

Sick Boy DVD Cover

Sick Boy: An all improvised random mini short movie Directed by John Licona, Shot by Eric Padilla, Ronald Licona and Serge Taveras and edited in 24 hours for a rush time type film competition by me. Staring Comedian J Wig, Martial Artist Master Eli Zen and MMA Champ Luis Baboon Palomino.

We were going for the black and white type of shoot but had a lot of blown out highlights as could be seen in the color version, ultimately we decided the color version had an aged VHS look so we went with that one to compliment the improvised acting.

We had 3 cameras on available, one was a new concept Sony model, we just grabbed it and started shooting, reason it looks kind of all over the place, the audio issues is because we grabbed audio from other cameras since the main audio failed on us a we noticed it in post, the edit is cut abruptly on purpose to make it match with the look and feel of the capture a la early 90’s VHS mode.

Just because something is not working how it was planned in this case unplanned does not mean it should be shelved…

Make it work! put it out there! Practice makes perfect, and being imperfect is part of the fun.
Great shoot, Awesome people, tons of laughs, an amazing fun time had by all.

All still shots come from a Sony NEX 5N with a 50mm zeiss planar show it monochrome RAW, lovely ISO noise is no longer just noise, its a nice “film grain”, no post straight from camera shots.

Might have to shoot a short with this set up soon.

941808_10151511787667529_389142335_n919420_10151511785857529_996639598_o 976368_10151511785862529_1895050225_o 966848_10151511785867529_695188742_o 977761_10151511786027529_1231018145_o 329509_10151511786217529_2058929150_o 976399_10151511786192529_1176115333_o 976952_10151511786287529_1170273062_o 966729_10151511786407529_2069742576_o 964849_10151511786592529_1687167077_o 976086_10151511786662529_1744512602_o 963740_10151511786802529_195424546_o 977809_10151511786992529_2055850611_o 919445_10151511787252529_698974706_o 965051_10151511787172529_935666275_o 976026_10151511787382529_943958900_o 976351_10151511787497529_1653799841_o

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