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Make your Palms Sweat in 20 Photos

Just the thought that some just as crazy photographer went up there with him to capture these is dizzying!

I hope that no one viewing this post will attempt this, please do not attempt.

extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-20 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-19 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-18 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-17 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-16 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-15 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-14 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-13 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-12 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-11 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-10 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-9 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-8 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-7 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-6 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-5 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-4 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-3 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-2 extreme-rooftopping-skywalking-photos-mustang-wanted-russia-1

  1. Johnny Pena
    May 30, 2013 at 9:07 AM

    I value my life Bro but some shots weren’t all that, however the risk factor is astronomical

    • May 30, 2013 at 9:28 AM

      Obviously some are shot as a snap shot but none in a hurry, all of them are well composed.
      How much better would you make them with wind on your back while looking through a view finder and balancing yourself while your subject is in the line of peril?

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