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You can no longer BUY Adobe Photoshop


I am one of those Photographers who loves to share everything he knows, their are no hidden secrets on how I do things, I tend to spend hours on end replying to facebook messages, Twitter request, Flickr questions on how to go about doing certain task and how did I do this and that, I share because I trully believe in the expression of art, the more people can express themselves creatively the better work we can all enjoy.

But then we have those people who just apply an effect to absolutely everything, who spend days on youtube looking for tricks to apply to any random image, those “fauxtographers” who think any scattered piece of ass in the hood in a $2 thong deserves to be retouched so horribly plasticky looking that even Barbie is offended.

Which brings us to the good and bad news on Adobes new business plan.  They will no longer sell shelf purchased software, they are going with the leasing model, which means you now pay a monthly subscription for the software use it or not or save a couple bucks by paying for the whole year upfront, but you must keep paying if not your services will be interrupted.

This will force people who actually need it for business to pay for it and not just every Tom , Dick and Harry who can get an illegal copy from Bubba out there, just to use it and fill the vast seas we already have with more garbage.

It will keep those of us who pay for it up to date, but  the software will never be 100% yours ever again. 

So make sure you keep your old disk handy for this is the last version you will have for keeps.

Adobe to Focus on Creative Cloud, No More Creative Suite.


Due to the reason to have a more stable revenue stream versus having bursts of income every two years or so with the release of an upgrade/new Creative Suite…Adobe introduces Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud is a monthly membership to the entire collection of CS6 software. Creative Cloud members automatically get access to new products and exclusive updates as soon as they’re available. Creative Cloud offers cloud storage with the ability to always have access to files. The monthly membership will be available for individuals or teams, doing away with retail boxes and disks, the software we all know and love will be provided via download.

Anyone with a CS3 or later serial number will get his or her first Creative Cloud year for $29.99 per month. For everyone else, complete Creative Cloud access will be $49.99 per month, or you can purchase a single app subscription for $19.99 per month. For teams, the same applies, but you’ll pay $69.99 per month per user or $39.99 if you’ve purchased CS3 or later. For students, it will be $19.99 per month for the complete version, and there is also now a “Teams for Education” offering at $39.99 per month per user.

The new branding will be “CC”, i.e. Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, Illustrator CC and so on. We’re sure they’ll be some backlash with Creative Cloud however the move for a cloud based offering will provide benefits to both consumers and Adobe in the long run.

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