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Unbelievable Photos Taken by the Crazy Russians Who Illegally Climbed Egypt’s Great Pyramid

ku-xlargeLast week in Egypt, a group of Russian photographers apparently climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza—hiding from guards for four hours after closing time before beginning the ascent. Climbing the pyramid, one of the photographers claims, carries a punishment of one to three years. But it was worth it. “I was speechless,” one wrote. “I felt a chilling delight, absolute happiness.” Here are some of their photos:

ku-xlarge (1)

Since they were visible to guards, the photographs took most of their pictures from a prone position:


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Here is how it all started:

Climbing the Pyramid of Cheops

Not long ago I was in the company of dedmaxopka ; and raskalov_vit returned from a short trip to the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. A key point of our Tripa was probably the most insane that you could imagine, the conquest of the pyramid of Cheops, whose height at the moment is 137 meters. For me, this ascent was particularly symbolic and expected-I was 9 years old fascinated by history of ancient Egypt and was there 9 years ago.

And now, after 9 years, I’m back in Egypt, but in a slightly unexpected place-at the top of the pyramid of Cheops, the only surviving wonder of the world. For atmospherics to a post I made ​​the perfect track ps All pictures under the cut made ​​on the iphone, the other photographs belong to Vitaly and Vadim.

PSS If you have a negative attitude towards this polazke, would you be so kind as not to waste your valuable time to read this post, better go and treat your \ your spouse \ spouse Payment of taxes, in short, do something useful.

PSSS Do not believe the media, our Russian media-most miserable. Working with them, I realized that they misinterpret everything.

0_af69a_524759da_XL.jpegHere I am 12 years old 🙂 I’m sitting on one of the statues in Luxor
I do not know what the pyramid you can climb as long as Americans saw photos on Facebook. This photo made ​​Moses Gates, and about him I still say a couple of sentences 🙂 Go directly to the point. For me, it was taken for an exciting and anticipated polazkoy, so I was still in Moscow started all carefully planned. Made a plan, found the scheme area and began to think how best to proceed. As a result, the plan was implemented. area of the pyramids at Giza closes at 16-00 pretty early, so early in the morning we decided to go there to study the area, the location of cameras, frequency bypass pyramids armed guard.

Once you arrive at the subway station El giza, we boarded a tuk tuk and went to the pyramids Not having to get out of the car, we were immediately swarmed harassing Arabs who then offered to horses, who then-camels. Horror, as they have got! Fighting off the hordes of crafty Arabs, we got on the territory.

By the way, then everyone wants to take advantage of tourists and capitalize on them. In the photo, the Pyramid of Khafre, the second highest pyramid on the top of which is impossible to get due to the fact that the liner on the top and has not gone down. Although there who wants to climb higher when there is a pyramid? Things are not so good: a lot of armed guards who ride on a set of jeep, a lot of cameras.

But we’re not there were going there to struhnut and not try to climb to the top. We decided to climb the pyramid of Menkaure, the lowest of these trade pyramids. By the way, the complex 3 is not a pyramid, as many as 9! Again, this is number 9.During Climbing the pyramid of Menkaure us nobody came, nobody cared And that’s our target pyramid of Cheops.

Look at the blocks on them, we will climb at night. Speaking about the complexity, now I give you a whole bunch of problems that could befall us-law of Egypt, like any Arab country, very strict, and for the capture of us could shine a serious term , if we tried to run away, then we would have had the right to open fire.And if it is not opened, it is far we have not run away-to six-meter fence about 700 meters + area guarded by a dog, but for territory, if we run into the desert, jackals who do not mind to arrange a breakfast tourist -alone stone blocks are very wobbly, and if stumble, it would have to fall to the very bottom of the pyramid, and a guaranteed death -we climbed at a time when Egypt was dominated by riots and the local people were very embittered , climbing the pyramids, one could easily fall into a panic that, too, would complicate the rise.

0_af692_d84f7b0a_XL.jpeg 0_af699_ea945524_XL.jpeg0_af691_5c22dd15_XL.jpeg0_af693_da483ff4_XL.jpeg

 Up to 16 hours was less than 10 minutes, and we began to implement his plan. Not far from the tomb of Cheops, in which we cuckoo into the night.By the way, all this time I was enjoying the moment, and the heart-pounding about to turn my biggest dream. The boys were watching movies, and I mentally prepared for a difficult polazke, listening to music, one track, by the way, are you listening. At 19 o’clock the light show began, each pyramid for 2 hours illuminated by all sorts of colors. The spectacle is not much 🙂 Pyramid us have experienced, tested our patience and the desire to climb to the top. Let me just say that I was incredibly cold, the night the temperature dropped to 5, and I like that I do not really prepared and put on a not very warm shirt.

Teeth knocked out a tap dance, but I warmed the thought that soon I’ll be home, lying in a warm bed, and remember this climb with the heat 🙂 One in the morning shot! It’s time to climb. We silently began to pack and get ready for the ascent. The words were superfluous here, we were very tense, nervous system was on the verge of failure, heart pounding: to begin.

Rapidly we reached the pyramids, hid behind a rock, waited until we pass by a guard, and started climbing. Yes, units climb is not easy, but we were prepared for any difficulties. Then the incredible happens: Prayer begins at Giza, and the whole city is immersed in the roar and howl. It seemed that it was not a prayer, and the cries of the dead. Imagine that such cries echoed everywhere. It was creepy. Frame made ​​dedmaxopka , and I believe that this is the most atmospheric photo of this polazku.

Here we see the tomb in which we hid top we climbed for 10 minutes, brain refused to realize that either, his eyes were afraid, and his hands were doing. And so, we found ourselves at the top of the pyramid. It is difficult to tell you what it felt like being on the top. Although I understand those who are very long to achieve the realization of his dreams.

I was speechless, my eyes saw what they both wanted to see it all the time. I felt a chilling delight, an absolute fortune, but at the same time, the fear that we might be caught. Fleeting moments of happiness .. Photo by raskalov_vit , here accidentally hit my shoe. You see rock paintings? There’s even Nicholas II when he left his inscription. It is very unusual to know that you’re sitting on the very structure of the ancient humanity ..

That’s how we were filming, curled up in a knot. We really do not want to get caught. By the way, I made ​​a total of 5 shots, so I was really fascinated and captivated by the moment. I forgot all about the photos at the moment Remember above I wrote about Moses Gates? You may not believe it, but at the very top of the pyramid we found it a book! This 30-year-old urban exporator from the U.S., whose life is worthy of his memoirs. We decided to take the book, and to inform him of this. He was pleased that the book came into our hands 🙂 But at the same time we realized how many expeditions have failed while climbing .. boys climbed the pyramid 3 months ago! Now it is time to get off. I’ll tell you that not everything went so smoothly and we still suck, but finished well.

Now we’re home, it’s okay 🙂 Home We drove in silence, each of us was aware that he had made ​​a while ago. We were not crazy, and certainly not drunk, as written in the media, we knew what we are going. Such events unite people, and now it seems to me that I would be interested in their children and grandchildren would like to believe .. Large Thanks raskalov_vit and dedmaxopka polazku for the best in my life and my realization of an old dream! PS We strongly recommend that you do not repeat it! In 1980 polazki the pyramid were banned because of palpitations of falls from the top of the pyramids. This is a very big risk! Vadim while running almost fell. Soberly assess their capabilities and thank you for your attention 🙂

0_af698_4f5c902c_XL.jpeg 0_af696_46d25348_XL.jpeg 0_af69f_653dd09_XL.jpeg 0_af69d_2d76c1e9_XL.jpeg 0_af697_768a0ff_XL.jpeg 0_af695_9747a471_XL.jpeg 0_af694_bcd81f79_XL.jpeg

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