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Watch the First Footage from Black Magic Pocket Camera

Black Magic unveiled their crazy small Pocket Camera at NAB earlier this year, and some of the first footage recorded on the camera has appeared online from director of photography John Brawley. Unsurprisingly, it looks pretty darn good.

Admittedly, it’s not the most spectacular subject:

“This footage was shot over about an hour at my local market on Sunday morning. So yeah, it’s just home movies. I was literally grabbing shots where I could whilst I was shopping ! But, you do get to see what one man can do with a pocket cinema camera and a 12-35 Panasonic m4/3 zoom. I guess for those that like to shoot discretely, guerrilla or documentary style, this will give you a good sense of what you’re going to get. The same great DR and look has been inherited from the BMCC.”



That aside, you can still get an idea of the quality that comes out of the tiny camera. My only complaint is that it looks a little low on contrast, but that could be from the choice in settings, which John chose the “FILM” look.

Does this make you want the new camera more or less? Let us know in the comments below.

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