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Adobe Announces Lightroom 5, Beta Available Now


I am currently testing a new version of Premiere Pro (Premiere Pro “NEXT”) and now am in love with Lightroom 5 (Beta) which you can download below after the break.

You might have heard some rumors spinning around earlier today regarding Lightroom 5, and those have been confirmed by Adobe in a Beta release of their latest iteration of the product. The Lightroom 5 Beta comes just 13 months after the availability of Lightroom 4, this time adding more options like a more advanced healing brush, radial gradient tool, smart preview, and high DPI support on Windows machines.

Lightroom 5 beta marks the fifth consecutive version Adobe has offered the software for public preview and testing prior to the final release. The final release is expected later this year.

Here is a list of the new functions you can expect:

  • PNG file support
  • True full Screen Mode
  • Configurable grid overlays
  • Windows HiDPI
  • Additional criteria for filters and smart collection
  • Lock zoom position preference settings
  • Keyboard shortcut to trigger tethered capture
  • Direction field in the EXIF metadata panel.
  • Persistent place in Collections
  • “Set as Target Collection” checkbox in Create Collection dialogue
  • Drag photo directly to a Saved Location in the Map Module
  • Drag Saved Location to a photo in the Map Module
  • Integrity verification of DNG Files


Along the lines of pure editing updates, expect:

  • LAB color readout
  • Keyboard shortcut to toggle between clone and heal modes
  • Duplicate local adjustments
  • Duplicate linear gradients
  • Aspect slider added to Manual Lens Corrections
  • Persistent clipping indicators between Lightroom sessions
  • Crop overlay aspect ratios


For sharing, updates include:

  • Visual indicator of Favorite book pages
  • Improved visualization of select book elements
  • Transparent buttons for improved Text creation in Books
  • More page text metadata options


Below you can see an example of the new radial gradient being used:



Another new feature analyzes your photo and can straighten it up for you automatically. Not hard to do manually, but a nice addition:LR5Beta_Upright1

Finally, check out the results of the new beefed up Healing Brush, which can be changed to any shape you desire:LR5Beta1_Advanced_Healing_Brush

We have posted our top five favorite new functions to Lightroom 5, and if you want to download the Beta and try it out for yourself you can do so at Adobe.com. What do you think? Will you be trying out the Beta? What do you want to see in an updated Lightroom? Let me know in the comments below.

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