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The Future of the Combination of Video and Stills Cool and Scary.

In the last several years camera development has taken huge strides in giving photographic capabilities of stills to video. Non film makers now have the capability of taking cinematic quality video without needing to upgrade from their dslr. In this video, Untitled Film Works unpacks the continual merging of stills and video.

While this video seems as much of an advertisement for Canon’s 1DC as anything else, the conversation brings up an interesting discussion regarding the future of photography. Pulling stills from video is nothing new, the technique goes back to 35 mm motion picture footage. In the past, quality video didn’t easily translate into a quality print. With the advancing capabilities of dslrs, that line has begun to quickly blur.

There are clear advantages to shooting video over stills, you never have to miss the moment. If it’s possible to get an image with the same quality by using video as by taking a still, is there any  reason to shoot stills anymore? For most photographers, does the easy shift to video threaten you at all?


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