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Photographing Mental Health Care in a Third World Country

These photographs show some aspects in the area of public and private mental health in Indonesia. The country has 240 million people, of whom 4.6% suffer from severe mental disorder.

Impressive: only 48 psychiatrists are active in that country, while patients overcrowd the already limited mental health centers.

All appear underfed, many are naked, the old mixed with the young. The newest patient was 12-year-old.
This work was conducted during the months of January and February 2012, in the metropolitan area of the capital Jakarta.

Photographer Dimitri Pilasis travels all over the world documenting social issues, shedding light on situations that would otherwise never be seen. In January and February of this year he photographed the deplorable conditions of those in the mental health care system of Indonesia. Read on for more details and to see some photos. Viewer discretion is advised.

At just 25 years of age, Dimitri has visited 25 different countries specializing in photographing social issues. In this series shot in Indonesia, he has compiled a collection of over 600 images relating to health issues there and is now releasing images from his visit to a mental health care center.

Let’s hope that as these images get out someone will be able to speak up for those suffering these conditions and in short time get it changed. Check out more of Dimitri Pilalis’ work from his Flickr photo stream.

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