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Nikon New D600 Full Frame Sensor Camera

Well, that was quick. Sony had a few days to shine with the new SLT-A99 as being the lightest and cheapest Full Frame sensor DSLR on the market, but now Nikon has officially announced the much leaked D600. The A99 weighs in just under 1.8 lbs, while the new Nikon D600 weighs in just under 1.7 lbs. Canon where you at?

So far some might say it’s a mini D800 that will even offer DSLR Video shooters Uncompressed HDMI Video Output, and expected to be $700-800 dollars cheaper than the new Sony SLT-A99.

Whether or not this is the camera for you, the Nikon D600 is certainly one of the most anticipated cameras of the year and, just in time for the holiday season, is sure to be in many of your hands by the new year. All the specs, the price, and opinions after the break. Scroll down for an immediate spec list.

The new D600 announcement comes at a time of high anticipation. We’ve all been waiting a long time, as this now marks the point of full-frame affordability for the true ‘prosumer’ or advanced hobbyist. Previously, such photographers had to wait for used versions of other cameras or spend more than they could afford on a camera that offers superb low-light performance and shallow depth of field, such as is the case with 35mm cameras.

Some were hoping for a dreamy $1500 price point. But I think we can all agree that $2100 fits in line perfectly. It’s not a steal, but it’s plenty reasonable for a massive sensor, a beautiful 24 million pixels, and full HD video with a clean HDMI out. Those are the big things, here — all that, and it’s still weather sealed. Not bad. Not bad at all (I’ll likely pre-order mine soon).

Keep one thing in mind: people forget that the D700 and D3 are both a bit old, now. They’re still superb cameras. But while the price will drop, you can’t deny that the D600 (and other newer cameras Nikon has since come out with) will far exceed the image quality of these cameras. So if it’s top-notch quality for the best-possible price that your’e looking for, look no further…

Nikon D600


– Price: $2,100 body only, Body + 24-85mm VR kit: $2700 (Hit or miss? Let me know below)
– 24-Megapixel, full-frame sensor
– 100-6400 ISO (expands to 25,600)
– 1080p video @ 24/25/30, 720p @ 24/25/30/60
– 5.5fps
– 39-point AF, 7 points active at f/8
– Uncompressed, clean HDMI out
– Single DUAL SD card slots
– 100% viewfinder coverage
– 1/4000 max shutter speed, 150,000 shutter cycles
– 1/200 flash sync
– Same weather sealing as the D800/D800E
– 3.2″ 921,000-pixel LCD
– Built-in Flash
– Improved auto white balance
– EN-EL15 battery (Same as D7000 and D800)
– Rated to 900 shots per charge
– Wireless connection to smart phones, apps, etc. possible with WU-1b adapter
– Body weighs 760g (just over the Sony a99 weight)
– Optional MB-D14 battery grip that does not increase frame rate, but allows use of EN-EL15 battery or AAs

Additionally, the UT-1 wireless transmitter was announced tonight. While it’s supposed to let the D4, D800/D800E, and D7000 transmit to an FTP server and also help with remote control of these bodies, it’s not compatible (from what I can tell) with the D600. It’s even a funky shape… Wouldn’t that be quite awkward on top of your DSLR?

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