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Sony Full Frame Camera SLT A99 VG900 RX1

Just when you thought you knew which camera to buy, Sony come along and bring out a slew of cameras, both video and DSLR, that intrigue and fascinate. A couple of them really stand out for me but the key announcements are the full frame Sony A99…the first DSLR to have proper audio inputs with its XLR module, and what I believe will be the start of something I have wanted for ages, a video camera with a full frame sensor…the NEX VG900.

I think the only thing holding me back from the VG900 is the lack of proper audio connections (but it can take same module as A99) and it’s going to be 24p/30p OR 25P as per usual on these camera. Oh and it’s most likely more fiddly than fiddler on the roof controls that plague the VG10 and 20…

It’s essentially a VG20 with the full frame sensor…talking of which, the VG30 is the replacement for that…essentially an APS-C version of the VG900…note the use of the APS-C in describing it. Not super 35, almost the same size, but they are for some reason refraining from using that term. What this probably means (and I would put money on this) is that they will bring out a Sony FS500 or similar, which will be a pro version of this, like the FS100 is a pro version of the VG20.

I have wanted a full frame proper video camera all my life! Well that is probably a slight exaggeration, but ever since the Mk2 came out, for sure…that full frame look is unique and I cannot wait to check this camera out at Photokina next week (I will be there all week talking for Canon about their C300, twice a day…every day…not sure of times yet!)

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We also have the Alpha A99…this is cool because it’s the first full frame DSLR to have an add-on XLR module, so finally proper audio in DSLR, and it is the first full frame DSLR to give us 1080p 60p…the biggest bummer is the old Minolta mount on it…the Alpha mount. Due to its flange distance, for me to use my Nikon lenses on it (which I have stacks of) I need an adaptor that has glass in it so it can work…I have tried a few and they all suck. The quality loss is too much to bear! There are some cracking Alpha lenses out there, but I simply don’t want to buy MORE glass when I already have enough…I did buy the A77, and this problem meant I returned it pretty fast. Shame, as the translucent EVF is astonishingly good! Oh…super cool that is has clean uncompressed HDMI out, albeit via the rubbish mini HDMI connection. Wonder if you can record internally at same time unlike the Nikons…

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The RX1 is a interesting one. The first compact to have a full frame sensor in it. Not hugely interested in this for video, despite the 1080p performance, I’m a nut for having a full frame compact in my pocket…that is tempting. No longer will I be asked “Is that a full frame camera in your pocket or you just happy to see me?!” It’s so small it will be damn easy to carry around. Not cheap though…It has a fixed F/2 35mm lens on it. Nice..Shame it’s not F/1.2! That would have made it essential…or even better go for a .95

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The NEX 6 also fascinates. I do love the 5N, but this improves on almost all the aspects of it. Couple that with wifi built-in and editing apps, plus upload to social networking, and this could become the coolest way to instantly post photos to these places. Great quality, way better than phones…still an extra thing to carry around though and with the dispassionately zero update to the iPhone 5 camera I am damn tempted by this…although I would prefer Android OS in it…there are some compacts popping up with this in it. Exciting times, and it might start making people use “proper” cameras more. I myself am guilty of taking a photo of something with my iPhone first so I can upload it then taking the 5Dmk3 version, despite it being around my neck. We love that instant sharing…well I do!

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What about the Sony nex ea50eh? catchily named…essentially a VG20/ 30 but with a WAY better form factor. In fact, better than the FS100…dirt cheap, but I’ve not seen it, touched it or anything. Curious…hope Sony adopt this form factor in pro large sensor cameras…

Sony Alpha 99 – First Look Review

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