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Amazing Olympic images captured on an Iphone by Dan Chung

To give more strength to the saying “It’s not the camera it’s the user” here is something I never would have expected to see ever in the biggest sporting event in the world, The Olympics.

Guardian’s Photographer Dan Chung is covering the Olympics using only his iPhone 4S. When you think of photographers who are shooting events like this, you think of guys with suitcases filled with camera bodies and huge lenses. You think of many Nikon D4s and many Canon MK IV aimed on the best athletes in the world. What Dan is doing is truly amazing, and I’m sure all the photographers around him were like what is this man doing?

So being that 2012 has been the year that smartphones have started to dominate the world of still photography. Kodak has fallen apart, the cheap digital camera market is in decline, Facebook has offered $1 billion for Instagram. How would a smartphone camera in the hands of a professional photographer perform during this year’s biggest sporting event?

Dan used his iPhone 4S, Canon binoculars, few add-on lenses, and Snapseed app for post processing.

Check out his crazy results!

More of Dan’s coverage of the Olympics London 2012 can be found HERE.

Here are some cool add on to help you enhance your visuals on an Iphone.

Noam Galai


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