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Mr.Nuyoka’s D.I.Y Camera Cage

So after having reorganized my office after a move and and some office remodeling…
Please excuse the blabbering It was 4 am and I could not sleep.

I started to go through some boxes and came upon my sweet little Sony NEX 5N and realized I have never really used it as much as I would like to due its small size and having to attach all sort of add ons like a Zoom Mic or an LED video light plus adding these things to a flash bracket was kind of weak and not to mention how silly these tiny cameras look on a full size DSLR cage.

Given these were made small to fit in your pocket and give you some what full control like a DSLR, but the accessories mic which is sold separately for the NEX is another $139 and is very crappy at that. So a a better solution would be something like the Zoom H1 which provides amazing sound for way less and not that much bigger than the Sony NEX mic.

You might also want to add a light on it, and these cameras have propiertory adapter sockets and no hot shoe mount so you would have to get a ePhoto WSA613 L bracket Mount with 2 Standard Hot Shoe Flash Mounts attach it to the bottom of your camera and then attach your Mic and Light to the flash bracket.

Gini has an awesome cage for smaller cameras made specifically for the GH1 & GH2 but at around $200 / $400.

Gini GH1 GH2 Cage

Gini GH1 GH2 Cage

My version will run you around $20 / $25 maybe even less with items you might already have at home and 15 to 30 minutes of easy fun labor.


For those of you going about “Oh its plastic!” you dont need to add and remove screws to your cage I used these Trek-Tech MagConnect System Mag for any Tripod or head
which are super strong, as you can see in my video or you can add some of these Thread Adapter Converter on the cage and have a place where you can thread your peripherals without worrying of wearying out the plastic or wood if you so choose to go that route.

Here is the tapping block I used for my cage, made by Roberts Laminate but all you need is the Tapping block the rest is useless so look around for other materials.

And here is the cheap Camera Quick Release Plate Adapter Set Mafrotto like 323 quick release plate and adapter for $7.

Some have complained but it is working just fine for me no issues but if you do have an issue its just a bit of thighthening that it required , 2 minutes of your time or add just a wing nut to through the block or install a quick release plate of your choice.

Frugal wins!

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