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New Canon DSLR – EOS Rebel T4i

 The new Canon EOS Rebel T4i comes with everything we’ve already come to expect from a typical Canon Rebel camera including swivel LCD screen (it’s now Touch Screen LCD with Swipe, Pinch, and Zoom support), but the stand out feature is the continuous Auto Focus in Video mode. That’s a first for any Canon DSLR. 

It uses a special type of  STM Lens which is slower but quieter for video. Although it can provide continuous Auto Focus to standard EF and EF-S lenses, the best performance happens when used with an STM Lens. With the Touch Screen you can actually drag your focus point around and the T4i will follow. 

This is not something I care about with all the slowness of slow response touch screen and auto focus video.
but I can see how much easier it can be for someone to get up and running out the box,.

Easy to use for a Soccer Mom who just wants to shoot without all the complicatons of a manual focus video of all the prior Canon models.

But the again one could just buy a camcorder and call it a day.
All in all it does have quite a bunch of cool features but the price is Price: $1,199.00 yikes or $900with no lens.

via Cheesycam 

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