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Awesome times! 2.5K Blackmagic Cinema camera announced


Hot off the heels of the Canon C500, 1D-C and the Sony FS700, Blackmagic Design who are known for their recorders and transcoding boxes have announced a new cinema camera.
Red Scarlet, 5D Mark 3 and Red Epic… Should be shaking in their pants. Forget about the digital Bolex…

It’s specs that have been released are very impressive and it’s damn cheap especially bundled with Davinci Resolve and Ultrascopes which themselves would cost you $1600! It’s going for the low budget crowd and that is great news!

Edit: it looks like a 16mm camera so a direct competitor to the digital bolex

Key features:

Raw recording.


13 stops dynamic range

Integrated SSD to record Cinema DNG Raw, ProRes and DNxHD

EF Canon mount

SDI and Thunderbolt (!)

Integrated touch screen LCD

Free full copy of DaVinci Resolve and Ultrascopes
$2995! Shipping in July…

If you would like to see some video produced by this Powerful beast in the palm of your hand please follow the link.
Wait till you see these images!


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