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Chris Benny Amazing Work Still Requires Photoshop.

In this video Chris Benny shows us how he shot the cover for Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine. After you watch this professinoally edited video you should head over to his website at chrisbennyimaging.com to view his unbelieveable automotive portfolio.

Here is a message directly from Chris about the shoot and to view the actual magazine cover with this image. If you like what you see then leave a comment below.

Chris Writes:
I was given the task to shoot this shot for the cover of Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine.

As the sun began to go down, we set up 3 580ex’s and a single AlienBee 800.

2 580′s to cameras right, a single 580 to the left and the Alienbee as a backlight.

We set the back of the berm on fire and got shooting.
As we were shooting for a cover it was tricky. Composition wise, it goes against every rule, but the client wanted the rider up close, with enough room for copy top and bottom.

There was a little work done in post as you can see in the video. I brought the riders leg to the forward position for a more aggressive look, cleaned up the background and added some more fire. It was also requested by the client for warm saturated dirt.

Shot details:
Canon 1Ds III
1/250th @ f/9.0 – ISO100

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