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LET ME OUT (A Short Visual Concept)

Ever had one of those small special little projects where its ok just to have fun and loosen up a little? Well, this project was one of those.

Nuyoka & Co. was approached for a short visual concept for a short horror story called “LET ME OUT” published at HORRORBOUND.COM

The story is written by Ray Prew who also plays Frank Curry. A sadistic, Night Security Guard who decides to play phone tag with a trapped victim in an elevator Played by Mike Guzman.

Although we really didn’t have anyone as a director, We were responsible for the visual concept of how to mold the story with sound and editing later, We shot this on the fly with a time span of less than 2 hours.

We were shooting on a rushed location and going with the first take of each shot, lots of laughs and bloopers but we had no time for retakes, the final product was put together in less than 2 hours, including edit, color correction look to mimic older film footage and Foley sound to end up with a look of older B-movies / grind house matinee shows which worked out great with the caliber of amateur acting…

The Story can be read here “LET ME OUT”

If you are into spooky, gothic and horror stories please visit HORROR BOUND and read up on all sort of great fun…

We will put up a link to the video once it becomes available from the Producers.


Written by Ray Prew


Mike Guzman – Elevator Man
Ray Prew – Sadistic Security Guard
Czech Jean – Relief Security Guard
Mike McDermott – Security Boss
Isabella Rappleano – Office Tramp

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