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The Best DIY Beauty Dish

Ever wanted to know how to shoot those Starkey rolling stones covers? How about those magazine Fashion and Glamour shots? Most likely a Beauty Dish was involved as in this video (Perfect Break Down how to use a Beauty Dish.)

Well Beauty Dishes can be quite expensive ranging from an Alien bee beauty dish at around $100 to the more expensive Profoto beauty dish for around $400+

All in all they all produce the same effect, most models only fit the strobe and flash head made by its respective brand manufacture. Even the cheaper smaller version you can use on your flash gun could set you back a good $75 as these made by Lumodi.

Well you don’t have to get life in prison for robbing a bank just to be able to afford what is essentially a large metal or plastic bowl, or even a planter. In the following video the Brow-Young Brothers will teach you how to get a very professional looking and working beauty dish the call they “The China Town Special”.

You also might want to check out the other links below for full steps on how to build your own out of a Tupperware like container and a sort of planter.

The last link has some great tutorials for how to shoot with a beauty dish by Photographer Stephen Eastwood

Link with full step by step instructions on how to build your own DIY Beauty Dish.
1) The China Town Special best DIY beauty Dish
2)$10 DIY Beauty Dish
3) Super frugal $5 DIY Beauty Dish
4) Amazing beauty dish images and how to get them done yourself.

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