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Hip hop documentary upcoming shoot.


Hip hop documentary upcoming shoot.

Attention NUYOKA.COM has in plans of shooting a new era of hip hop / poets documentary.

We are looking to film rappers / poets from the ages of 14 to 24 male or female, Straight or Gay, from any race and from every walk of life.

This is a documentary where we will try to dive in and bring out the struggling story of each individual as well as the happy go lucky, rappers who really don’t have a struggle and rap differently. We want to show how you express yourself, we want to compare and contrast people verses from the point of view of being a product of your own environment.

This is not a music video, we are not asking for a whole song performance, we just want to capture the essence of expression via lyrics…

What your words mean, why are you spreading you feelings in such a way. what you go through on your daily journey of life and how with music you are set free…

You can be a hustler in the corner and at night you spit consciousness in your raps, no bling blinging and and dissing, bragging about rims it is not what we are looking for…
That makes no sense. B.E.T. is that way —————————————————->

We are looking for those who emotions we can capture lyrically and visually with an open window to let the world peak in…

You can work at BK and spit gangsta none-sense, this is not helping your situation.

we want to hear what makes you soulful and different from the rest out there.

We just want you to come honest, let us follow you for a couple hours, to capture your story and then let you free style a bit in the documentary. We might even put out a mix tape with all the selected finalist.

I’m trying to put the film out in the independent film circuit, not trying to sell DVD’s of beef and gang violence.

If this s something you are interested in being part of please let me know.
pass this info to any friend you think should be a part of this 45 minute short film.

Email us at:
Rap Documentary

Here are some samples of the look we will be attempting to capture. not exactly like this but just so you can have an idea of all races and ages, just coming naturally from the soul.

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