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Photographer or Terrorist? Photographers’ Rights Under Fire Again

It should not be shocking to hear another story about a police officer wrongly accusing a photographer of breaking the law. These stories have become pretty common place lately. However, recently police in Long Beach California have been reprimanding individuals who have been caught photographing locations with no apparent aesthetic value. Back in June, Long Beach Post contributor Sander Roscoe Wolff was detained after photographing a refinery on North Long Beach.

Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell has publicly stated that his officers have the responsibility to detain photographers who are not engaging in “regular tourist behavior”. This story is an unfortunate consequence of the post homeland security world we live in and probably will not be the last infringement on individuals’ rights. To read more about this story, head over to the original article on the Long Beach Post.

“1 After running Wolff’s driver’s license, Kahn left the scene without ordering Wolff to desist.

2 Legally, a police detention has occurred when “a reasonable individual” in that circumstance would be believe he or she is not free to leave”

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