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Heny Puro “En El Aire”: (New Video Coming Soon!)

When you do good by your clients they return the favor and do good by you by being loyal in providing you with work and trusting you and your skills and ideas to better them.

Heny puro is a one of the most under rated, under radar, un-pushed artist out there, but he has maintain himself in the legue by pushing everything by himself and not allowing the nay Sayers to have input otherwise.

From Tshirts and marketing, video, studio work, fan base, gigs, radio interviews the man has done it all to get out there by himself, hustler and humble with his eyes on the goal.

He has finaly bumped into Mr. Nuyoka and we are gonna take it to another level…

Heny! Shhhh! They should have never let us in!

With that said, Team Nuyoka is working on Heny’s new Video “En El Aire”
DOWNLOAD THE TRACK HERE along with all his other free tracks and stay tuned for the upcoming release!

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