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The Lunchroom (A Student Film)

The lunchroom is a indi student short film directed by first timer Leonard Richardson. It is a comedy where the main actor is a Gay male being sexually harassed by a female.

The sound issues were due to the building being so massive and empty causing large echoes, too many people lounging around not cooperating and not to mention our building was right on a corner unit of a busy bus stop intersection not too far from the highway.

The light issues were due to the Sun setting and we lost light too fast, we were not prepared to shoot in a building with 30 foot glass uncovered windows.

Sometimes the mic was off on camera B so I had to try and dub and Foley most of the sound in post.

“All technical difficulties aside I really see some promise here. And I am pretty proud of this little film.” –John Licona

And so am I.

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