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Gorgeous Red Epic footage from: Jason Wingrove

I say again and again and again, it’s not about the camera but in this case, PHUCK that. I want this camera more than anything. This camera incredible 19+ stops of dynamic range and 5K of raw images . Oh! How I want to shoot on it….

Lucky for Jason Wingrove, from Australia already has and has shot this lovely piece below.
Read what he has to say and watch his gorgeous film.

I’ve shot with everything from genesis to Alexa for my professional work and done a tone of DSLR work for personal projects so i was keen to shoot with Epic to see if a pro camera this compact could fit into the way i shoot reality on my 5DMkII. The Answer? surpringly well. While epic is a little heavier.. about 3.5Kg with side handle and onboard monitor but still quite happy on the same 75mm bowl Manfrotto 504 tripod i use for my 5D.

What puts the Epic ahead of the original Red One is its ability to shoot at 120fps without having to reduce resolution and crop the sensor. We had a quite overcast morning so didnt need the HDRx mode that gives vastly extended dynamic range, switching this option on would have reduced our top speed to a not inconsiderable 96fps. The detachable side handle is pretty impressive, giving you a tonne of customizable buttons and the ability to control all the menus with the scroll / joypad control all will be familiar with in current DSLR’s tho the convenience of having the ISO, Shutter speed and angle, compression ratio, HDRx level and fps all as easily set as the clock on your iPhone is hard to beat.

Of course it doesn’t completely replace a DSLR.. theres still something completely stealthy about a dslr that can shoot HD images but I think this is a significant leap from the comparatively big and heavy RedOne and whilst theres still some tweaks to get some things 100%, its impossible to find a camera that comes even close. A camera thats capable of 19+ stops of dynamic range, gives me 5K of raw images at 120fps and in a format i can carry like a DSLR and lets me take it from the studio on friday to a Sea Pool on the weekend.. incredible.



Switch ‘HD ON’ for best results
Shot in a couple of early morning hours at Curl Curl sea pool on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Epic M #123, 120fps, 10, 40, 65 & 180mm master prime. Nikkor 8mm fisheye. All non HDRx.
Oh and that song you now cant get out of your head is “The Swimming Song” by Loudon Wainwright III

Click here to but the song

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