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So yesterday NUYOKA & CO. Had a photo shoot at random with the Awesome People of Yo Soy Urbano out the blue, But as usual we are up for any challenge.

We get a call from Haru the CEO saying “Hey my Brotha! We have a helicopter let’s go!”

Now mind you it is 5 pm, sun is setting, we are to shoot in a huge open field with planes and copters flying by like bee’s over flowers. The models were notified the same time I was, location was a dart throw in the dark, we are in a hectic run trying to find the owner of the helipad from the good people at Global Air Group. We find him, Hi Tom!

We are surrounded by all kind of cars, trucks, planes, copters.
Hangers with all type reflective surfaces, huge signs of random letters, all type of grounds, dried up grass, asphalt, concrete you name it. If anything that was meant to make a disaster out of a shoot we had it around us.

The sun is setting, were losing light, Girls are doing make up as the sun is going down casting shadows all over the place. All the conditions that will cause anyone to say “WE CANT SHOOT HERE” especially an unplanned, no concept shoot…

But nuh uh! Not for us! We Got this!

We thrive in “Not the proper time, location, condition” type shoots.
Pics and vids of the BTS to come soon, stay posted.

Mr. Nuyoka & Trixy La Jefa.

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