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It has taken me 3 weeks to the day to get all the coding correct as I wanted it.
36 hours of none stop sitting on this chair, with a bad surgery that refuses to heal correctly, but I DID IT!!!

Thanks to my girl for being so patient and providing the nutrients while I stood in this man cave.

To my kids for providing the constant request for attention they seek which provided the breaks I needed to realize their is life outside of this office.

To Mik who I have yet to call cause I been swamped doing all type of shit except calling him so he could have done this site for me like in 3.82 minutes!

To Gustavo for being so “lloron” but with love, I’m done now bitch we can talk!

To Alex for working with me and not letting me give up with his constant pushing and daily calls, We Ken Du Et!

To all my haters for the constant attention you hawkers provide, and last but not least to all the fake rappers who with my help is the only way you can pretend to be something extraordinarily when you’re really are only ordinary, thank you for choosing NUYOKA & CO. to help you stand out, ’cause you know we HUSTLED HARD for ya’ and WE AINT SHAT ON YA!.

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